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Testando novos suportes.

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Hazing Within College Marching Bands


The details that Ohio State’s two-month investigation unearthed are sordid. Upperclassmen gave new members sexual nicknames, such as “Twat Thumper” and “Boob Job.” They also assigned sexual “tricks” for rookie members to do. These tricks were often connected with the assigned nicknames, the university’s report indicates. A female student named “Thumper” would thump her foot on the ground and pretend to orgasm. Another female student was made to sit on laps – including the lap of her younger brother — and mimic orgasm. Her nickname was “Squirt.”

The band is only 21 percent female, Ohio State officials noted in the report.

One annual event involved band members marching into the football stadium at midnight in their underwear. Jonathan Waters, the recently ousted director, has been present at this event each year since 2010 – although he told Ohio State investigators that he’d ordered an end to the tradition last month.

Band members would also perform “flying 69s” on bus rides, which involved two students posing in the “69” position while hanging on luggage racks. On bus trips, rookie members were required to take “rookie midterms,” one student told Ohio State investigators. According to university documents, the midterms asked questions such as: “Who has the smallest wang/tits?” and “Who would you want to slap in the face?” And band members would sing songs with titles such as “He’s a Sweet Gay Fag” and “Cock of Ages.”

This sexualized atmosphere led Michael Drake, who began his tenure as Ohio State’s president on June 30, to fire Waters.

Some Ohio State alumni have taken to social media to argue that Drake’s decision is an overreaction. Some call for Waters to be reinstated – and for the new president to be let go.

“I’m impressed that they maintained and still practiced some of the harmless pranks and songs this long,” wrote one commenter, who described himself as a band alumnus. “I would have thought that the ‘woosification’ of America by liberals with hyphenated last names would have watered down those traditions a long time ago.”

Another commenter wrote: "Our liberal OSU president caved! It’s college, let the students in the band have fun and the babies that can’t embrace the fun and pride of being a band member go home to mama."

An alumni driven petition asking for Waters’s reinstatement has already garnered more than 3,000 signatures.

The article points out that hazing isn’t something limited to Marching Bands or Greek Life, that it’s been documented in number student organizations across the country. 

But I’m legitimately SO MAD about the people defending acts of sexual harassment as “tradition” and “pride and fun”… the acts they described were humiliating and degrading. 



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How come you don't like your hair?

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Since Everybody is doing it… Here are my 6 favorite selfies… of myself lol🌻🌻🌻

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I just wanna smother my face in some fuckin titties right now.

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Some days are hard, but I love the person I’m becoming. I love my body


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kid JMB.

color him!

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a peaceful walk in the woods really relaxes me. the fact that I’m dragging a body should be irrelevant.

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do not let anyone make you feel like shit for putting yourself first

you are the only person that is guaranteed to be with you throughout your whole life so you might as well have a loving relationship with yourself

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get out your VCR’s it’s time to watch The Prince of Egypt. or you can watch it here.

please don’t watch exodus: gods and kings because it’s icky and racist. you deserve better. you deserve the prince of egypt.

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Laverne through the years.

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